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  • Artist Info: my name is kayla.you can call me kay,goddesslynx,kayla lynn, i love to draw,read books and tons of other stuff. my favorite movie is harry potter series. im a really big harry potter fan.. i love draing it helps me relax when im all nervous and jumpy..i love to play sports and watch tv.i like to listen to allmost any type of music..i love to hang with my friends. we always have so much fun when we get together. my birthday is in january with all the pretty snow on the ground..my frined libby introduced me togaia and all kinds of other art stuff..i like to take pictuers of thingsi think are intersting... <br />
    i like to hang with my tthreebrothers and two sisters when i get the chance.my bros always know how to make me laugh when im sad.<br />
    reading books is one of my all time favorite hobbys.i read more then three books in a five day time <br />
    i love to listen to music. exspecially when im upset its something i can relate to.. i liten to almost any kind of music.<br />
    i also like to write poetry when im upset. for art stuff people know me as goddesslynx. for my deviant art thats the name if you wanna look at any of my writing and my drawings..<br />
    im random and like to have fun exspecialy whenim with my friends or brothers, we alwas have a good time together <br />
    i love to watch pretty much any movies or shows but certians ones i refuse to watch because i just dont see the point in them. i like anime stuff. <br />
    i still like to watch sailormoon and pokemon and stuff like that even tho im not a little kid anymore.something bout those shows just keeps my attention more then any other shows.<br />
    lot of people call me a geek,nerd,loser and other names. some call me a band geek cause im in band but i consider myself a music geek. i love to play and sing. i play the flute mainly but i love to play other instruments as well even tho im not very good at the instrusments. id like to do something in musci when i get older or art or history cause thats the main stuff that i love.<br />
    im a really big harry potter freak anyone who knows me can vouch for that. i do tend to wish that hogwarts was a real school and that when i was 11 they sent me a letter so i could go there and become a wizard.im big into fiction books that contain magic,love storys,faerys,adventure and much more.<br />
    i love listening to music i listen to just about anything. my brothers have got me listening to the hard rap stuff,i listen to country some stuff form the 90s and 80s but mostly stuff from this yr and from when i was little. theyres alot of emo songs that i listen to because i relate to that more then anything else and musicals songs like from mamamia and sweeneytodd, i like to read stuff like a midsummer nights dream,wurthering hights,romeo and juliet,othello,hamlet.
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