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  • Artist Info: This is my noob acount... I WAS BANNED!!! IM SO SAD! crying anyway, i am SO over goosees. IM INTO ANIME! WOOT WOOT! I am normal! gonk anyway, i have ferendes.(Friends)<br />
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    My story's/essays!<br />
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    Body Borrow<br />
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    Rachel begged,” Come on mommy! I really want to go to the park!”<br />
    Her mother said,” No Rachel, you can’t leave the house because there are witches everywhere. If we go you might get killed! Or even worse, they might steal your body!”<br />
    Rachel started to sob. She shrieked,” BUT I WANT TO GO TO THE PARK! PLEASE!”<br />
    Her mother said,” Fine, just stop screaming. But there is some rules for the park and when I am gone.”<br />
    “Thank you! Rachel said as she ran out.<br />
    “Wait! The rules Rachel! The rules!” Her mother screamed but it was to late, she was too far away.<br />
    Rachel stopped gasping for air in a dark desolate alley. She slowly walked towards the park when she saw a dog. “Oh no! A doggie is out alone! The witches might get him!” She screamed this as she looked at the collar.<br />
    “Med-u-sa, medu-sa. Oh your name is Medusa! She exclaimed as she put a leash on.<br />
    “Lets go to the park!” She said as she dragged Medusa along with her.<br />
    Medusa fought back. “Come with me Medusa. No bad girl! Don’t go that way.” She said but Medusa kept pulling her towards a tunnel.<br />
    “Medusa! Bad girl!” Rachel yelled while her bare feet are being severed leaving blood trails behind her.<br />
    Rachel started to cry,” Medusa, you are hurting me! Stop!” She was sobbing by now.<br />
    Medusa stopped. She barked and licked Rachel’s feet.<br />
    Rachel said while laughing,” That tickles. Lets go home now.”<br />
    Rachel couldn’t walk because of the injuries so Medusa picked her up on her back and started to carry her home. “I love you Medusa.” Rachel said while hugging her.<br />
    After the 5-mile walk Medusa was extremely tired and collapsed in the house. “Here is some food and water Medusa, good thing mommy wont be home for 2 more days!” Rachel said as she spread out the food and water.<br />
    Medusa slowly ate the food but drank all the water in one sip. “Here is some more water!” Rachel screamed as she put it in front of Medusa.<br />
    “I love you Medusa, you’re a cutie!” Rachel whispered while patting Medusas head. Medusa licked Rachel as a sign that she loved her back.<br />
    “Aw Medusa.” Rachel said as she hugged Medusa.<br />
    “Medusa you are my best friend. “. <br />
    Rachel yawns, “I’m tired.” Rachel says as she picks up Medusa and plops her down next to her bed.<br />
    “Goodnight!” She screamed as she fell asleep.<br />
    In the middle of the night Rachel woke up from a small sting in her hand. She looked at her hand and shrieked. Her hand had a shadow arrow inside of it.<br />
    She looked at medusa with hopeful eyes and whispered,” Help.”<br />
    Medusa looked at her for a full minute. Totally disobeying Rachel she opened her mouth. A shadow arrow zoomed through the air and sliced through Rachel’s neck. Blood splattered everywhere.<br />
    It wasn’t Rachel anymore, it was Medusa. “I’m ready.” She said.<br />
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    ~Souleater lord death AKA Soul eater justin AKA Alec
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