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  • Artist Info: My name is Emmettt, I'm outwardly transgender, pre op. I love role-playing and just having fun in general. <br />
    Things I am into include: Attack On Titan, Kill La Kill, Punk Music, Tumblr, drawing (I will do avi art planning to make a forum post soon), Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Homestuck.<br />
    Things I do not like include: Furries, Weeabos, people who use the 'XD' face, generally most people. <br />
    My future plans are to study English and travel the world. <br />
    Skype: DividedBunny<br />
    League of Legends: Ostrinette, GlowCloudSenpai, DividedBunny,GrimEmmett.<br />
    Dragon Nest: Ostrinette, MizukiObata, Taninori, Malinette<br />
    Um, I dont do anything else, I have Xbox live but I dont go on it much. <br />
    Steam: Ostrinette or DiseasedPandah not sure. <br />
    Tumblr: Cigarettes-And-Silence.tumblr.com<br />
    I smoke get over it.<br />
    Atlantis is my favorite movie, and I love the book 20k Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne<br />
    Ask me about time travel I dare Ya' mate.<br />
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