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  • Artist Info: Hello. Im a person. My favorite colors are green and blood red.My least favorite colors are pink and yellow.Even though alex is a guys name I am a girl (short for alexandra but dont call me that because i hate the name alexandra)..........anyways , I think I am a nice and funny person who loves animals. Also i dont judge people but if you are being really stupid and yelling at me for no good reason, i can be just as mean back.I enjoy talking....alot , so if i am being really annoying when I'm talking to you you can just say it and I will understand. I say sorry like 90 % of the time so I hope that everyone will get used to it.hmmmm....... not that its important but I have 7 cats, 4 dogs, and 1 turtle......Ummm I am not a girly girl....I dont like pink or talking about shoes or make-up...I definally NOT scared of bugs... in fact I like most of them.I have no idea what else to say so if you come up with a question for me message me or something...........i hope you enjoy my profile....<br />
    <br />
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