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  • Artist Info: ohai creeper ._. i go by jen usually, friends call me jenneh :3 i'm under 18/over 13, and i'll say things that make your eyes spontaniously combust burning_eyes :3 just kidding! but seriously <br />
    i love to draw (but get lazy) and write (pretty much stories and charactar introductions and such, cause i'm not a very good poet T-T) my DeviantArt profile is LightLoveAngel if anyones interested razz i havea Myspace (which i NEVER go on) and a Facebook, but only close enough friends shall know what they are! 3nodding <br />
    i'd like to get to know people, but i'm very shy sweatdrop and tend not to give very long/good replies unless its something i really have something to say about it ^^<br />
    i lurv creepy stuff, not so much gore though xD i suppose you could call me a furry, i love anthromorphic animals and have my own fursona, itsa sloth/bobcat 3nodding with dreadlocks! and to clear this matter up: i don't 'yiff' or like anything sexual with animals O_o i'mma keep the kinky stuff between me and my bf/gf. i don't care if you don't like furries xD we have our own interests, man, its aalll good, and i'm pretty far from the stereotypical furry >.> so don't worry, i don't bite! ...much wink kidding! but seriously<br />
    i play City of Heroes ...ALOT<br />
    i love anime, but i'm not crazy over it and don't use all those words like "KAAAWWWAAAAIIIIIEEEE" and stuff xD<br />
    i'm very tolerant.. tolar (however you spell it) for most things, so don't worry about me blowing up on you lol just don't be surprised if you get a awkward silence from me, or i suddenly disapear during then >.> cause i don't want to bother people sweatdrop
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