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  • Artist Info: {nick names}<br />
    Lin or Angeal.<br />
    About Me//_^:<br />
    :male:<br />
    :born in boston:<br />
    :race:unknown ninja or alien mrgreen <br />
    (─‿‿─)<br />
    hay whats going on life treat ya good? lol anyway im an artist as u can see its in the family genes<br />
    but for now i only write my story's out cause im not very good with making comics but i do draw twice a week....im short temper but overall a nice guy & wise but i'm not the social type of guy so i don't talk to plp alot although i am funny at times i know what a let down(forever alone) //_x.hopping i can get that sorted out as i get older lol!<br />
    my birthday: november 14 1994 scorpio <br />
    . //_^.i rarely be on this now i just got back on it & its 2014!if ya want me to get on gaia ya gonna have to message me on FB sorry sweatdrop <br />
    Facebook: Angeal Select<br />
    skype: Angeal215
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