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  • Artist Info: Avast me hearties! I be an artiste whilst the light be good, graphite, gouache, WC, murals in acrylics, ceramic sculpture and caricatures for fun. Long John were more than peeved when I drew a woodpecker on his peg leg...s'truth spoke!! <br />
    I like LOTS of music styles-80's Brit pop, world music, reggae/ska, alt. and blues & jazz. Woo! did I leave any out? Try me. I'll give most anything a listen.<br />
    No decent pizza is safe left alone with me. Dark chocolate- even less safe. Try it spread with chunky PB... a true delicacy.<br />
    I'm waiting for a chance to take decorative glass blowing but that only comes up in the summer..In the meantime I'll keep painting mandalas and drawing avis for fun......Peace, Love & Vegetables<br />
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