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    Deontae Johnson, but my friends and family call me either De-de, or Deboy (for some odd reason lol), Im 15 (about to be 16) im a sophomore I like Video Games, anime, manga, drawing (as ou can see lol), and hanging out with friends, and im in a happy relationship with my boo which you can see next to me lol, and let me just give you a few peices of advice... Mess with my friends = Thats your ass, Mess with my girl = Thats your life, and mess with my family = well your pretty much fucked so uh yeah, im a very nice and fun guy to hang out with just don't piss me off or nothing and we can get along great lol, so if you have any question's feel free to PM me, and i'll reply as fast as I can.... and thats about it lol.
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