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  • Artist Info: Oh hai der ;o <br />
    My name is Chelsea and i'm 15. My birthday is on September the 10th.<br />
    Hmmmmm.... what to say, what to say.... I have an amazing girlfriend named Lilly. She means everything to me&lt;3<br />
    I'm lesbian. (DUH)<br />
    My favorite colors are pink and purple and neon colors :]<br />
    I listen to metal, screamo, rock, reggae , and rap and hip hop. Oh and dubstep, dubstep is sexy ;D<br />
    I don't have very many friends, but that isn't of matter, it's of my choice; I keep only the friends that I can trust with my life and my secrets, basically everything.<br />
    My people skills could use some work before I get a job, but hey, no one is perfect, right?<br />
    I will be your friend as long as you don't intend on fucking me over , or stabbing me in the back. The thing I hate most is when someone talks shit about me or my family, so unless you want to visit hell, don't even go there. <br />
    Well, you should definetly talk to me, because I'd love to make more friends. But I wouldn't advise adding me unless you plan on adhering to my friend standards. Kay bai ;D
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