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  • Artist Info: I'm 16 yrs. old love dragons (last count i had about 70 figures), i live with 4 and a half cats and a half a dog. (ask in comments. really it's not what you think it is!) i was a freshmen in high school, and i got so bored in class you would not believe it (before I've been in privet and home school and knew EVERYTHING the teachers said). i have a little sis. who drives me crazy. speaking of driving i don't have a perment (or a license) yet. However, my dad took me out to some parking lot to drive around in circles. As you can see I cant spell very well (spell check is the only thing that saves me anymore). I live in Joplin MO. If you don't know the significant of this look up "May 22 Joplin Tornado" on Google. (we were not displaced by it, nor was any family). O and you mite try going to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXjiWaQBXjs&feature=player_detailpage <br />
    for more info. on the tornado. (one of the guys at my dads work put it together)
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