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  • Artist Info: Hello everyone!<br />
    My name is Peter and I’m from Russia. I was born in the centre of Siberia of Russia - Irkutsk. By the way, nearby there is the deepest and the lake in the world - Baikal. I’m more than 25 years old, but when somebody sees me for the first time he/she thinks that I am a schoolboy. It is because I look young and am not high. <br />
    People can tell much about the person, having learnt its hobby and predilection. I like to play computer games. Basically I play Sony Playstation 3. Many games have affected on my musical preferences, I like Original soundtracks. Also I like anime and manga. Recently I began to try to draw. I cannot tell that I have achieved any results in it, but some my friends like my sketches. Also it is interesting for me to study languages, English, German. Can you understand who am I, when you know my hobbies? <br />
    My vital credo: be yourself and concern people how you would like they will concern you. If I need to describe my personal qualities it will be difficult for me. The only thing that I can tell, that I try to be judicious, guarded and patient, benevolent to all people. <br />
    I ask to excuse me for errors in language. I hope that this not big description of me will help to find friends. <br />
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