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  • Artist Info: Im the son of a Great Demon King Elven and a human mother who i don't know. So that makes me a half demon. The name is Kaiju Light don't get in my way when im trying to defeat a "certain person" or you will share the same fate . <br />
    <br />
    NAME: Kaiju L. <br />
    AGE: 18 <br />
    RACE: Human/Demon <br />
    GENDER:Male <br />
    HOME TOWN: Light Realm <br />
    TRAITS:Highly misunderstood, caring towards his friends, very protective of everyone he encounters, and sometimes can a hard head. <br />
    POWERS:Mutating Shade, Flash Mace, Berserk Mash, Dark Veil <br />
    <br />
    BIO: Hi i'm Kaiju. I'm from a realm called the Light Realm. I have brownish hair n deep brown eyes. I mostly wear a hoodie that is a soft light color brown with soft fur. I lost my parents to the war in Chaotic Realm. So that just leaves me with my two older brother who are always working in the field. so that leaves me to train by myself. My First eldest brother Mrai is a 30 so he has more expreince in fighting n he is a full demon....... My second oldest brother Hrui is 26 he is mostly lay-back but he is also a full demon..... they claim that im weaker then they are. But i want let that stop me from becoming better then them. Im usely can be seen sitting by a lake with flowers surrounding every tree or just walking thruogh the woods of Light Realm. but mostly i just sit alone under the night sky just thinking about things. Trying to find out who i really am.... Well I been though a lot and i really don't know who i am..... I traveled though the deepest darkest places that any one could have image... I have realized that i am the DARKNESS
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