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  • Artist Info: My friend call me Sin because i love the 7 sins.<br />
    Im 20 years old and my birthday is May 31 and im gay.<br />
    Im a Gemini and a emo.path also my fav color is red and black.<br />
    Im a asst teacher at a pre.school and im in college for early hood education.<br />
    Im a very open mind person and love trying new things.<br />
    I love Anime to death and listen to every type of music.<br />
    I love cats too. cat_biggrin <br />
    I love black roses and the dark side of things.<br />
    Thats about all u need to know about me for now, if we become good friends.....<br />
    You will get to know more
    <br />
    I believe in Fate,<br />
    That are life has already been planed out.<br />
    I believe that people are born gay not made gay,<br />
    Because I been by all my life.<br />
    I believe in the power of darkness and light,<br />
    But to tell you the truth they are one.<br />
    I believe that life is a game,<br />
    Who ever can do the most before you die.<br />
    I believe in having fun,<br />
    That's why I like to fight.<br />
    I believe that I 'm fun to be around,<br />
    Because I like to make other people happy and also try new things.<br />
    I believe nobody should be the same,<br />
    Because different is fun.<br />
    I believe in magic and powers,<br />
    That does not mean I evil but, evil is cool.<br />
    I believe that amine is the best,<br />
    And it is.<br />
    I believe that who ever reads this that we will become good friends,<br />
    I really hope so.<br />
    Black Roses are the most lovely things on earth, their the meaning of Fate.<br />
    Black Rose<br />
    Sexy but Deadly
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