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  • Artist Info: Heya!;] Music. Soccer. Converse. Photography. Family. Friends. Singing. Those are the things I quite enjoy in life. Okay so I have naturally straight strawberry blonde hair,and I have hazel eyes. Im really random. Im always listening to music,I cant live without it. I wear a promise ring. Im accident proned, ha. I like trying new things. I am a very understanding and open-minded person. Im accepting of everyone. Im probably the most sarcastic kid you'll meet.;] I guess I would describe myself as the funny one:Im always making jokes and smiling. I laugh...alot. I try to be happy all the time. My anger fades quickly: I cant keep a serious face. I over use smiley faces.(: One thing I cant stand is when people diss my music/the bands I listen to, seriously its just lame. I dont appreciate it when people are fake so just be yourself. Yeah...that is pretty much it right there. ♥ "Mad Ninja Skills, son!":] Questions? Just ask. biggrin <br />
    Peace.☮<br />
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