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  • Artist Info: blaugh thts all u get sorry just kidding<br />
    ok u need to know this all yes i am fat, i have glasses, i have zits, i 5 ft 9 and a half, i have medium short blackish browish hair, i have eyes that tht r brown in the middle and green around them. i hate dresses , skirts , highheels, makeup,<br />
    but i like wearing boy clothing and shoes not underwear eww , i act like a dude even though im a girl. i hate dress up or go to buy shit thts all girly and shit,<br />
    i like videos, burping, video games, anything that a guy likes. all my clothes r i wear ar sometimes dont go together, i do not have a boyfriend but do i care? im not lesbo or homosexual, but im a tomboy. since i was young i always been bully because of my fat or how slow i run.or four eyes or teachers pet, but i cant help being really smart or drawing bad at the begininng but getting better on. i cant help suck at some video games but trying my best getting better at them. i cant help if i cant get a phone just email me from the internet if your not tht lazy. i cant help be lazy around my house and doing all the chores in the house expect cleaning nephews poop - &lt;.&lt; &gt;.&gt; please expect what i am not by my looks but what is inside. im super nice to friends , and sometimes bullys maybe not on tht part, i can be really fun, i cant ride bikes never learn how to. didnt know how to swim intill i was 13 and now im 15 now. so if you do not accept me as tht removed me as a friend now and never speak to me again.but if u do im grateful for tht. so thts all about me leave a comment if u can and bye. confused
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