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    (From a thread I posted in a long time ago... so these aren't all my quotes) You know you play too much Zelda when... <br />
    1. You deem all red heads Gerudos and try to stun them using a pencil as a hookshot. <br />
    2. You set a lizard on fire and kill it with your dad's hammer. <br />
    3. You need a ride somewhere and you get out your ocarina and play Epona's song and expect a horse to come. <br />
    4. You ask if the ocarina is an option in band. <br />
    5. You constantly draw a triforce on your hand with a yellow magic marker. <br />
    6. You stop going to church because you only pray to Din, Nayru and Farore. <br />
    7. You wear a blue tunic and metal boots at the pool and jump in thinking your lungs will stay full of air.<br />
    8. When you get a cut, you drink milk, thinking it will help. <br />
    9. Your carry around a lightning bug in a bottle... just in case. <br />
    10. When you jump, you yell really loud, "Hiyay!" "Hyaaaa!!" <br />
    11. You carry bottles around, and when you see a bug, you catch it, you ask yourself "You caught a bug, do you want to keep it in the bottle or set it free?" <br />
    12. You help your dad with the lawn hoping to get rich of all the money that pops out. <br />
    13. You get too drunk and look up at a light bulb, expecting it to say, "Hey, listen!" <br />
    14. When you find a glass bottle on the ground as you are walking home, you hold it over your head and rejoice, singing, "duh duh duh duuhhh!" <br />
    15. You take the mirror from the bathroom and use it as a shield. <br />
    16. Your vocabulary is reduced to mere grunts and screams. <br />
    17. You go around smacking spiders and expect a token to fall out. <br />
    18. You can only jump when you swing things, or fall off of stuff or are wearing a cape.<br />
    19. You try to convince your friends that an emerald the size of your fist is only worth one dollar. <br />
    20. You ask the store clerk "How much is this in rupees?" <br />
    21. You attack chickens, and expect chickens to suddenly rain from the sky. <br />
    22. When you throw a boomerang at an animal thinking it will stun them. <br />
    23. You try playing the Sun's song thinking your older brother will hopefully become paralyzed... because he never comes out of his uber dark room.<br />
    24. You try to kill jello. <br />
    25. Somebody says, "Hey listen!" and you assume the fetal position and scream loudly.<br />
    26. When you go into a cave and walk into the water and expect to be healed. <br />
    27. When you capture small bugs in bottles and torture them until they agree to revive you when you die. <br />
    28. You have a fear of owls because they talk way too much. <br />
    29. Your friend gets something cool and you ask him, "What dungeon did you get THAT from?" <br />
    30. You go around screaming, "THE MOON IS FALLING! THE MOON IS FALLING!" and people believe you. ( O_O They never believed me!!!!) <br />
    31. When you go try to go into any house and think the door is always open. <br />
    32. When you use a pick-up-line such as..."I bet your boyfriend doesn't have the triforce of Courage," or "How many magical kingdoms has your boyfriend saved from ultimate doom?!" or "Will you be my master sword?" (If somebody used one of those on me, I’d totally date them. XD I’m a geeky nerd.  ) <br />
    33. You have the sneaking suspicion that your best male friend is actually a cross-dressing princess. <br />
    34. You actually go to your local pharmacy and ask them if they have any red, green, or blue potions, but they keep telling you it hasn't changed since last week, no. <br />
    35. You start talking to a huge tree. <br />
    36. When a girl/boy breaks your heart you say, "Screw you then! I still have three heart containers left!" <br />
    37. When you play your ocarina in front of the frozen lake expecting a secret passage to open and fall in the water after trying to cross it. <br />
    38. You try to look drunk after drinking too much milk. <br />
    39. When you see a girl dressed as a princess on Halloween and start to stalk her and call her Zelda. <br />
    40. When you go into a volcano with a giant hammer looking for a dragon. <br />
    41. When you go to your grandma's house and call her Koume or Kotake.<br />
    42. When you drown in that lake because you wear boots made of iron.<br />
    43. Every morning, you get up and ask yourself, "Why don't I have a fairy yet?"<br />
    44. When you're surprised that the chickens attack you after you've only hit them once.... <br />
    45. When you realize that you're burning even though you are wearing red clothes. <br />
    46. When you go into a cave and you think an old man will give you a sword. <br />
    47. When you get a bow and arrow and light the arrow on fire and shoot it. <br />
    48. When you try to invade a castle, and you realize that the searchlights can still see you even if you're crouching.<br />
    49. You tell people that staring at the sun won't make you go blind; it will only make fire arrows.<br />
    50. When you put on boots and think you can run super fast and then run towards a cracked wall thinking you can break it open. <br />
    51. When you win a horse race and expect to get a magical healing cow in your tree house. <br />
    52. You ram into trees expecting money or hearts to fall out. <br />
    53. When you hear dramatic music and think a monster will appear.<br />
    54. Your body is covered with bruises from failed attempts to walk through walls. <br />
    55. You search the personals looking for young princesses named Zelda/Malon.<br />
    56. You constantly play the Sun’s Song at night because you are afraid of the dark.<br />
    57. You think that playing music to the broken sign will fix it. <br />
    58. You play the ocarina for cows.<br />
    59. Every time you forget to finish your homework, you play the Song of Time. <br />
    60. When your boyfriend/girlfriend dumps you, he/she gives you an ocarina to remember him/her by. (Me- Sweet! I should get a boyfriend to dump me!) <br />
    61. You start shooting arrows at the sun thinking they'll turn into fire arrows. <br />
    62. When you forget your watch, you slap odd-looking rocks for the time. <br />
    63. When you see red heads on a boat thinking they are pirates. <br />
    64. When you start to attack a person in a robe thinking they're evil. <br />
    65. You walk around while looking through a magnifying glass, telling everybody you're looking for hidden doors. <br />
    66. When you start planting seeds and hope that they grow up to carry you to places. <br />
    67. You get arrested for moving gravestones. <br />
    68. When you start hitting doors with hammers just in case they might fall on you. <br />
    69. When you dress in tight clothes and go to Antarctica searching for the secret entrance to Princess Zora and her Whale of a Father. <br />
    70. When you insist on smacking all flying insects because you swear they keep shouting at you.<br />
    71. When you jump off a cliff with a leaf thinking you will glide.<br />
    72. When you put on gloves thinking you can lift boulders.<br />
    73. You special order a tunic and tell them you want magical pockets!<br />
    74. When you start selling masks in your spare time. <br />
    75. When you hack at chickens with a sword because it's funny when they want to kill you. <br />
    76. When you argue that the main currency is rupees. <br />
    77. When you can fit 30 bombs, a hammer, a boomerang, etc... into a tunic with no pockets. <br />
    78. When you get lost in the woods on purpose and think you can just follow the music out. <br />
    79. When you jump off of a towering building thinking that rolling will deduct the damage to you. <br />
    80. When you build your own hover boots and walk off a cliff.<br />
    81. You go around saying, "I see redead people!" <br />
    82. When you go to the harbor and start talking to the boats. <br />
    83. When you think you are immortal on a horse. <br />
    84. When you see your friend is hurt and you ask him "What monster or dragon did this to you?" <br />
    85. You're always looking up in case a giant hand falls on top of you and pulls you away to somewhere. (Me- That’s not normal?)<br />
    86. When you climb out of some body of water and think you will dry off within a few seconds.<br />
    87. When you are afraid at a funeral that the dead person is gonna get up and suck the life out of you. <br />
    88. You don't worry about death because you have a bottled fairy. <br />
    89. When you are jealous and hostile when Link talks to Zelda. <br />
    90. When you attack a stuffed dragon and then claim your sibling's sport trophy thinking it's an essence of nature/time. <br />
    91. You jump up on a stump and swing a rod hoping to change the season to winter so you can get out of school for a snow day. (Me- What do you mean it won’t work?) <br />
    92. You start throwing random objects into your pool expecting a fairy to pop out. <br />
    93. You start playing a harp and expect to be sent back in time. <br />
    94. When you try to swing a hammer that's heavier than yourself, swearing it's your only hope to save everyone.<br />
    95. You have got several detentions for attacking the model skeleton in the lab. <br />
    96. When your friend throws a ball at you and you swing a butterfly net around and think that the ball will be sent back towards your friend. <br />
    97. You follow a hooded person hoping they'll lead you to Subrosia. <br />
    98. When your friends ask you to play manhunt at night and you reply "Sure! Just let me gather some bottles for those nasty ghosts." <br />
    99. When you talk to random people, expecting them to always say the same thing.<br />
    100. When you think that if you play it (scarecrow's song) they (scarecrow) will come. <br />
    101. When you stick an egg in your pocket and play The Sun's Song on your Ocarina hoping it will hatch.<br />
    102. When you attempt to blind your teacher with your watch and then attack her with a ruler. <br />
    103. You have a peculiar fear of pigs.<br />
    104. When you try to sleep in 7 years to become stronger.<br />
    105. When you throw a rock into the middle of a circle of rocks in the water a fish will come out and give you a magical item.<br />
    106. When you are asked what race you are on those stupid ISTEP tests you ask "Where is the Hylian bubble?" <br />
    107. You've had a tree fall in love with you.<br />
    108. When you wear tights and a long green shirt with a belt to school and nobody is surprised. <br />
    109. You ask your teacher what time period Hyrule existed in. <br />
    110. You think that by putting on a mask you can turn into a Zora and breathe underwater.<br />
    111. You go to your basement, and expect a treasure chest to be there.<br />
    112. When you see a circular shadow on the ground and start to panic and run around in circles expecting a giant hand to fall from the sky and grab you.<br />
    113. You say that your worst childhood enemy's name was Mido. <br />
    114. When use a bamboo stick for a deku stick to beat people with. <br />
    115. When you complain about a fish that said that it wanted to marry you.<br />
    116. You hear the name Bongo Bongo and you strap on your metal boots and scream at the sight of drums and hold on for dear life.<br />
    117. When ghosts in paintings come to life and attack you... <br />
    118. When you'll never ever love any man who's not wearing funny green clothes and swinging around with swords constantly. (Me- Well duh! Who would love any other man?!) <br />
    119. When you see a fat person and call them King Zora. <br />
    120. You use a leaf as a leaf blower.<br />
    121. When you carry things over the top of your head instead of in front of you. <br />
    122. When you can run for an eternity without rest.<br />
    123. When you fear small children will spit spitballs at you.<br />
    124. When you are walking, all of a sudden, a witch runs into you. <br />
    125. You say random Zelda Euphemisms everyday like "You’re as wise as the Deku Tree" or "It's as hot as Gerudo Vally out there" or "Your as evil as Ganon" <br />
    126. When you constantly roll around on the ground to go faster.<br />
    127. When you exclaim as you find out you're adopted: "I KNEW I was a Hylian because I grew up! <br />
    128. When you ask all people with bandaged heads if they are Zelda.<br />
    129. When you claim, “I have the power of the fairies and the master sword nothing can stop me now!”<br />
    130. When you find that there are four people that look exactly like you that are stalking you. And they copy your every move. <br />
    131. When you draw the triforce on the back of your hand and insist it popped up by itself. <br />
    132. When you are afraid of your own shadow and try to kill it. <br />
    133. When you start talking to your pet bird thinking they're Ritos. <br />
    134. When you go around telling people they look like certain characters.<br />
    135. When you put a rock in front of your face and then stare at every one saying, "You can’t see me, I’m invisible" <br />
    136. You start cursing at the king of Hyrule for flooding Hyrule because you can’t live there now. <br />
    137. When you are on a boating trip and make homemade bombs and a cannon and shoot the other boaters.<br />
    138. When you place bombs here and there on the street to see if there are any hidden tunnels. <br />
    139. When you feel a sudden hate to every man who comes from the South. <br />
    140. When you dig holes and put your dog in it and act like it is a bad guy and call a rock your prize for "winning" against the dog. <br />
    141. When you see a spider and scream SKULLUTA!!<br />
    142. When you have a phobia of abnormally large lizards and throw homemade bombs in their mouths. <br />
    143. When you are playing scrabble and you argue that poe is really a word.<br />
    144. When you think that venus fly traps are Boko Babas and will attack you.<br />
    145. When you start to attack bubbles.<br />
    146. When you claim the sacred realm is you're room.<br />
    147. You go around saying things like, "SCREW YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN NEVER PLAY TOO MUCH ZELDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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