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  • Artist Info: OH MY WORD<br />
    <br />
    I'm Carley<br />
    I'm a cool kid<br />
    PROMISE<br />
    I am an 8th grader at a stupid school<br />
    I'm sort of retarded<br />
    I'm silly<br />
    I'm alwayse dreaming<br />
    I've got a big imagination<br />
    I like to think it will take me places<br />
    But for now Id rather be where I am.<br />
    <br />
    The History books are ours to write. <br />
    We will form the borders of the countries. <br />
    Our children's children will color on maps. <br />
    We will compose the songs and symphonies that will <br />
    Become their Mosart and Elvis and Miles Davis, <br />
    Write the books about today... <br />
    So let's pick up pens pencils and paintbrushes <br />
    Mix words and forms from clay <br />
    Pressing our hands in, before the cement dries, <br />
    For this journey is ours to wander. <br />
    There is hope in our bones, telling fortunes <br />
    in the glow of urban streetlights and <br />
    pulsing with revolution and change <br />
    Our entrusted power <br />
    Our inherited world <br />
    Our future of futures <br />
    Depend on us <br />
    On our unwavering hearts <br />
    Beating wild against the storm <br />
    We are the prophets of history <br />
    Whispering messages that line sidewalks <br />
    Waiting for the go-ahead to be <br />
    unleashed. <br />
    <br />
    -Amy S.<br />
    <br />
    AND THIS SECTION is for a certain someone who can only seem to give me crap about having a f*cking boyfriend<br />
    <br />
    Im oh so sorry that I love my boyfriend, you dont need to give either of us crap anymore because we are both pretty fed up with it. I know you are kinda pittying yourself right now but face it, I like someone. I will stay away from you when Im with him because he is getting mad at you for making me feel like crap all the time. I like you as a friend, and it has been like that since third grade. You are an amazing person and friend and sutch but you really reallllly need to stop giving us greif, and I appologise for bringing him to your house you just said you wanted to meet him so yeah, I will stop here. Im not mad just dissappointed in how your taking this...
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