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  • Artist Info: Doing some construction here and there now, the winter is cold and my family is warm. I look forward to Christmas this year as it means surprises for everyone. In other news I recently got my ears pierced and I'm planning a scarification piece on my back; the human alchemy symbol from Full Metal Alchemist. Besides that, I have some new piercings planned all over and will be getting them done sometime in the near future. That's the update for now, I have little really to tell, but if you want to know, ask! <br />
    Song of Now ~ It's My Life ~ Bon Jovi<br />
    Book of Now ~ Infinity<br />
    Movie of Now ~ Batman Under the Red Hood<br />
    Anime of Now ~ Gurren Laggan<br />
    Personality Type ~ Eclectic, I have no archetype, rather I have every archetype, it just depends on the mood you catch me in.
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