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  • Artist Info: I am currently in the mood to writing songs.<br />
    My friend started talking about bands, and naming ours Necrosis. Which is a pwn'some name, you all fuckin' know it.<br />
    Any way.<br />
    So I got inspired and wrote some songs.<br />
    The first I am going to post is called Ants.<br />
    Don't ask.<br />
    Read and please, feel free to tell me what you think. I will put new songs up as they come.<br />
    I will be changing the song to my next song I wrote, Contraptions for A Playdate, will be up sooner or later. &gt;__&gt;<br />
    Yes I was contemplating before making a band called Danse to Death, but I am easily distracted. And Necrosis is a cooler name.
    <br />
    <br />
    Main Entry: ne·cro·sis<br />
    Function: noun<br />
    Inflected Form(s): plural ne·cro·ses /-"sEz/<br />
    Etymology: Late Latin, from Greek nekrOsis, from nekroun to make dead, from nekros dead body<br />
    : usually localized death of living tissue
    <br />
    <br />
    PS. If anyone here is an artist, and has a deviantart page, please, contact me if you do commissions, or even just want Gaia gold for a commission, I would like to talk about art for Necrosis. n_n. Please note, the image would contain blood, and things that some may find questionable and some things that may offend you. So if you are going to offer art, please, be open minded.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Playdate<br />
    In a cherry colored room<br />
    Cottons minds are filled with heat.<br />
    Plastic burning beneath the sheets.<br />
    A lover of the contraptions of <br />
    playdates<br />
    Speeding down the isles of a tragic mind<br />
    trapt in limbo.<br />
    I am loving my contraptions<br />
    as they make contractions<br />
    giving birth to the aching <br />
    bulbous life that forms within a human body<br />
    a virutous state of contemplations.<br />
    Where baited words<br />
    lure a foolish traveler to eat his soul.<br />
    A foot for a foot<br />
    shameless we chant the contures of <br />
    distrust.<br />
    Laughter plays the exhaling breath of <br />
    dreamless weavers<br />
    dancing pale moon flesh upon our skin.<br />
    Sitting on my bone throne<br />
    a sex demon in a saintly god's body<br />
    resting on a cackling <br />
    conversing pile of cadavers.<br />
    I look down a single tubed eye and smile<br />
    for the grains of drugs in my blood<br />
    bring shameless hearts a heightened sense of<br />
    languid spears through the gasy body.<br />
    Colder shivers on the spinal cord<br />
    cerebral cortex in dissary on a mother<br />
    of a child with<br />
    the stench of what is<br />
    baby breath.<br />
    Contemplation and expectation make my <br />
    friends lackluster.<br />
    Tubes and vines in <br />
    down the throat.<br />
    Concentrated milligrams of seeping<br />
    murder pushed down,<br />
    choking on a hope.<br />
    The stomach full of ants, <br />
    resisting the patterns of formailty.<br />
    Royal flush of the human anatomy.<br />
    Heart is a tart.<br />
    Giggling at my words.<br />
    The acetaminophen brings<br />
    me a giggling lurch into a future we all love<br />
    because our minds are picked.<br />
    I loose control of my flight,<br />
    my plane comes crashing down.<br />
    The flames are upon my skin.<br />
    Words like people<br />
    in the dead of night laced clothing<br />
    tear as we stretch<br />
    out our eyes,<br />
    muscles jerking to and frow<br />
    melting plastic burning in the sheets.<br />
    I am dreaming to be a ballarina.<br />
    Care to join<br />
    comoatose child in the wheel chair,<br />
    pressing buttons with his tongue, because fingers are gone.<br />
    I understand the lack of<br />
    alaphabet makes life simple.<br />
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