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    "If the human species, or indeed any part of the biosphere, is to continue to survive, it must eventually leave the Earth and colonize space. For the simple fact of the matter is, the planet Earth is doomed... Let us follow many environmentalists and regard the Earth as Gaia, the mother of all life (which indeed she is). Gaia, like all mothers, is not immortal. She is going to die. But her line of descent might be immortal... Gaia's children might never die out--provided they move into space. The Earth should be regarded as the womb of life--but one cannot remain in the womb forever."<br />
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    -Frank Tipler, The Physics of Immortality, 1994<br />
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    What type of Fae are you?<br />
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    Maybe I should put a few favorites up...<br />
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    FAVORITE SONG(S):<br />
    Steam Machine - Daft Punk<br />
    Your Eyes - Foggy<br />
    Bells of Avalon - Avalon<br />
    Escape - Kay Cee<br />
    Handlebars - Flobots<br />
    Jump Around - House of Pain<br />
    My Name is Mud - Primus<br />
    <br />
    Hm... I think I should start a checklist!<br />
    <br />
    Chain of Command: Check!<br />
    Western Zodiac:<br />
    Shadow Spirit:<br />
    Rock Hard: Check!<br />
    Gothic Veil: Check!<br />
    Elemental Wings:<br />
    Black Ops Gear 2X: Check!/<br />
    Assassin's Guise 2X: Check!/<br />
    <br />
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