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  • Artist Info: Greetings! It seems you have come across my profile. <br />
    ↜↝<br />
    I've been a member of Gaia since July 21st 2006. <br />
    For the first two years, I really didn't log in, since I was focused on other things in my life. In 2009 I came off my hiatus when I logged in one day and fall in love with the Monthly Collectibles (especially Goti the Kid) and was active on and off up to 2014 until the Gaia Dark Age of Goldenort had started to take over. I decided after a few weeks to leave for good. I donated/sold almost all my inventory and left with no intention of ever logging back in. I did come back, however, in early Dec 2016 to start anew when I heard Lanzer was back. Then took another hiatus for about 16 months for no reason (at all) and now I'm back lurking around. <br />
    ↜↝<br />
    YES. My profile is a boring/floral/crowded mess! Its a work in progress.<br />
    ↜↝<br />
    I generally do not accept friend requests unless we have had a conversation or two. Please, leave a comment or PM introducing yourself.<br />
    ↜↝<br />
    I usually hang out in the Gaia Aquarium, where I LOVE to play Booty Grab. Otherwise, I'm usually hanging out in GCD and Entertain forums. I also pop up into the Avatar forums. I profile lurk a bit. <br />
    ↜↝<br />
    On the right, there is a tab called Link Billboard. I had taken some time going through my "Subscribed Threads" and have linked a lot of my favorite threads, mini shops, guilds, charities, guides, and hangouts to my profile. I did this for two reasons; firstly to make it easier for me to keep track of them and secondly to promote them to you. So please click on any of the banners & check out some awesome threads!<br />
    ↜↝<br />
    If you look over to the left, you will see a LARGE wishlist...The Never-Ending Wishlist. I am slowly working on it. I love collecting, so item quests are my top favorite thing to do on this site. Mostly every item listed on there goes to an avatar I am working on. I do not feel guilty about the lengths I go to make avatars here.<br />
    ↜↝<br />
    I'm 9.8 in zOMG working on side quests and badges. I am a proud member of that Fluff Eye Cult zOMG Clan. I'm level 3 right now in Alchemy, trying to complete formulas when I have time. I'm level 7 in Lake Kindred. Somewhat using GoFusion for fun..?<br />
    ↜↝<br />
    For a brief but wonderful time... I got to be a guest writer on the user run Gaia Online Magazine. The magazine has been long shut down sadly, but the memories are very priceless to me. Here is a link to issue # 6 where my article "The Angel Halo" is featured. <br />
    Issue #6 of Gaia Online Magazine<br />
    My favorite part about writing this article was interviewing the very few at the time that owned the Angelic Halo. I got to interview one of my long time Gaia idol's B R A I N . He made me laugh so much! If another user run magazine appears - be sure that this gal will write for it! <br />
    ↜↝<br />
    Favorite Monthly Collectable/Donation Item: Goti the Kid <br />
    Favorite Evolving Item: Fallen Wish<br />
    I am a Kitten Star Lover/Enthusiast<br />
    Favorite Gaia RPC's: Ian, Rina, and Monsieur Loyal<br />
    Favorite Gaia Artists (Past & Present): PRISM, pyawakit, Mishiri, Pepper-Tea, zimmay and Fayren Pickpocket, WinterHule<br />
    Favorite Color Schemes: Bubblegum, Alleycat, Creamy Candy, Demure, Emerald, Stagony, Ciel, Wild Ride, Melon, Sinfully, Sour Citrus, Pickle, Teal, Dusky Rose, Autumn, Venom, Toxic, Calabash, Candy Corn, Bugberry, Pine, Diamond Dust, Sugarmint, Honey Lavender, Peach, Rosie/Valentine, Mocha, Fallen Wish, Catharsis, Mist, Thumbelina, Elusive, Cherie, Arkham, Sweetheart, Durem, Gambino, Suika, Horizon, Cutie Pie, Sea Dreams, Pastel, Velvetine, Sunkissed, MCR, Winterstorm, Coral, CYMK, Rainbow, Mermaid, Black & Yellow, Cookie n' Cream, Watermelon, Vanilla, Ghastly, Mint, Ace, Milky Way, Midnight, Pearlescent, Blooming, Skyward, Librarian, Black Doris, Skuzy, Crimson Soda, Royal Icing and Seabreeze.<br />
    ↜↝<br />
    What I love about Gaia: My Friends, Talking to the nice people here, Quests, Changing my avi to something nice, going into towns, random comments, zOMG, and Booty Grab<br />
    ↜↝<br />
    Don't thank me for marketplace purchases.<br />
    ↜↝<br />
    If you want to know more about this crazy gal behind the pixels;<br />
    Click Here<br />
    ↜↝<br />
    My username is A BIT ODD, so let me explain it; it's part Shakespeare and part Folklore. Tempest from his sonnet "The Tempest" meaning "The Great Storm" and Lorelay is the name of a famous siren from German Folklore. Simply, my username means: "Storm Siren." I didn't spell it "Lorelei" because "Lorelay" is also acceptable for the spelling of the name. <br />
    I do prefer to be called TL however.<br />
    ↜↝<br />
    Thank you for visiting, and I wish you a wonderful experience on Gaia.<br />
    Yours Sincerely,<br />
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