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    Fan Site:<br />
    www.facebook.com/MadameMonochromaticDisaster<br />
    <br />
    I'm a 24 yo American Cybergoth model and dancer. I'm also an artist and a student. I'm also a semi-professional cosplayer and am currently leaking into other modeling genres.<br />
    I'm currently based in Texas and am available for gogo shows, orbit shows, and shoots.<br />
    I'm huge into body modification, tattoos, piercing, stretching, I love it all. I currently have five tattoos and several piercings. I'm in the process of stretching my ears.<br />
    I also have several large and small tattoo pieces throughout my body.<br />
    Dancing is my life. Industrial, rave, dubstep, if there's a party or club for it, I'm out on the dance floor all night. <br />
    I'm currently happily taken and he is my everything, he like myself is deep into body modifications have 11+ tattoos.<br />
    My two most favorite bands are H.I.M and Marilyn Manson.<br />
    So stop by my fan site listed at the top and and throw me a like. ^.^
    <br />
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