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  • Artist Info: A quick thank you to all who were kind and supported/congratulated me on being featured avatar on 10/02/10. I'm glad that there were no issues, arguments, and that everyone was very kind and felt comfortable asking me a range of questions. <br />
    Thank you everyone and thank you Gaia for having chosen me. ^.^<br />
    Now....<br />
    About me? You want to know about me? Well, jeeze, you have too much time to spare.<br />
    I'm the typical, boring child born in '89. I was raised on Dragonball, Sailor Moon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and He-Man, along with liberal doses of Power Rangers and Kraft Dinner. <br />
    I live in the frigid lands of Canada, where we actually have a summer for those unbelievers out there (haha). Where exactly do I live in Canada? BAH! No stalkers, thanks.<br />
    I am a University student and am studying quite diligently in order to get a PhD in History/Archaeology, although it will take some time.<br />
    I love people who are open-minded and ready to listen to others' opinions; I cannot stand those who try to force their opinions and/or are close-minded. Flamers, people who are unnecessarily rude, immature, or 'mean' are not at all considered respectable individuals in my mind. They just go out of their way to insult and injure and ought to get new hobbies. Those who are kind, compassionate, comedic and offer their assistance are considered 'good' in my mind. ^.^<br />
    <br />
    So there...that's all you need to know.<br />
    <br />
    P.S. I cannot STAND people who do not know how to spell (i.e. liek, dat, den, u, blahblahblah that stuff...I understand a few spelling mistakes, but those who purposely 'forget' how to spell..it irks me. You people are the reason Harvard has a freakin' learning center now and schools in my area are now accepting incorrectly written words as right answers for tests! Learn how to spell!)
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