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  • Artist Info: They call me Gaga (Don't get any ideas).Guessing by the way ppl <br />
    "lol" everytime they see me I think I'm pretteh funny.I really don't give a F**k about what ppl gotta say about meh AT ALL!I don't really care what other ppl think because I only listen to my family and true friends.But still call me a betch and its on!Now that we got that outta the way I would have to say my favorite thing to do is hmmmmm.....listen to music.It let's you escape,just like a f**kin<br />
    book (exuse my langauge).My favorite color is Magenta 'cause it sounds like a private part and is cute.I have 1 dog a Pomeranian a Shih Tzu.His name is Teddy,I did not orginally name him.We got him from someone who could not take care of him.He has had 7 families ;~;.I'm a very forgetful person espically on Gaia.I'm not the kind of person who's life is on Gaia.I don't go to the Conventions i don't look it up on Youtube (if they have that),ect.I like to talk joke alot about sex,likin women,and so on.So many people mistake me as a lesbian.But i've never had a relationship with a women.And on that odd note I'm going to stop this cause I don't think anybody wanna read this much S**T!So GTFO!<br />
    <br />
    love,<br />
    GaGa <br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    WE LUV YOU TEDDY &gt;,&lt;
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