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  • Artist Info: Hey its catohmxoxo razz Hmm where should I begin? Well, my name is Cato as in the store and hm as in H&M lol. I really like those stores. The xoxo was just random razz I play piano. I like all music except screamo (sorry screamo fans) and random old music that sounds creepy. I do, however, like scary movies which is very contradictory to my personality. I don't watch them alone though (shudder). I like R&B the most though. Anyway my fav color is light purple or lavender, whatever you wanna call it razz I'm Filipino smile Kinda tallish, well for a Filipino anyway haha. I hate homework. I love my friends and family and god :3 anddddddd thats about it for now. Byee<br />
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