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  • Artist Info: My Clan!<br />
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    Amber, a good friend who has always been there for me. She is funny, intelligent, clever, quick witted. She is just the most amazing person you'd ever meet on this earth. her eyes are that glistening oceans of a sunrise in Hawaii, her skin is softer than then the highest clouds, her hair is as soft as the cool gentle breeze of the south winds, her voice is that songs sung of the Angels. She is pretty kool!!<br />
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    Suki, I have only known for a few months, but im still in debt to her. since of last year, i suffered a major tragedy that nearly took me away forever. but during my absence, Suki came in and provided my girlfriend company till i returned. knowing all well she was unaware of this predicament. that is why Suki is one of the most greatest people you'll ever meet here on Gaia. She is awesomeness
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