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    User Image<br />
    My name is Stormy Sky,<br />
    yes, for real.<br />
    I've got a degree in college.<br />
    I'm 20.<br />
    Good times are probably one of my favorite things.<br />
    I have a tattoo picture right.<br />
    I'm getting at least three more heart <br />
    I recently pierced my tummy.<br />
    It's the only one i'm getting sweatdrop <br />
    <br />
    I'm a writer.<br />
    For real.<br />
    I've got four books done in a series.<br />
    The main character is Layla Izilem.<br />
    I've got some details in my diary.<br />
    Check it.<br />
    I'm writing the fifth and final one right now.<br />
    It's taking time.<br />
    I'm working on a dracomancer novel.<br />
    It's taking longer.<br />
    I'm also working on another book.<br />
    It's complicated.<br />
    Ask me about them.<br />
    <br />
    I love roleplaying.<br />
    Please invite me heart <br />
    I'm fun to talk to.<br />
    Trust me.<br />
    I have two cats. Both boys.<br />
    Trouble is a tuxedo kitty.<br />
    Someone tired to poison him.<br />
    We beat it.<br />
    I've had him since he was born in my lap.<br />
    Eight years ago.<br />
    Charlie Oliver Malley is an orange tabby.<br />
    He looks like Puss in Boots.<br />
    He's my break-up kitty.<br />
    He's in his terrible two's.<br />
    And they are terrible.<br />
    I love them more than I could a human child.<br />
    <br />
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