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  • Artist Info: Heyy. My names Sarah :] I am just going to tell you right now that I am not like other people. My personality and looks change. Some days I am sporty, others girly. Some emo, some goth. It all changes! Truely, I look emo mostly. But Im not emo. Im also not scene. Im not under a catagory! And Im proud to be that way. Someone tried to describe me....and they were lost for words. I love screamo, rock, alternative, techno, classical, and celtic. I absolutely HATE rap and hip-hop. Theres no point to it. At least...I think so ;P I play the piano and guitar. I used to play the Viola, but stopped. I didnt enjoy it much, though I was good at it. I am a photographer. I make movies and music! I also do graphic designing and digital art. Also traditional art! I love sport bikes and cars. Ducati bikes are amazingly amazinggg! The car I want for my first car is a Charger <3. I love Mustangs. Also Ferraris <3<3<3! My dream car is the SCC Ultimate Aero. The worlds fastest car. Stock wise that is biggrin I plan to be a billionair when I grow up, so be lookin out for meeee. Just you wait mann! I WILL be one. I love engineering and inventing things. I am fasinated when I get to take things apart and figure out how they work. I can fix tons of things and find ways to get things to work. My laptop and iPod are my lifeee <3. Right now I am going to tell you that I LOVE emo looking guys. Im not going to lie! Theyre freaking hottttt! Soo...yeah. Thats just skimming the TOP of me. You get to know more and more about me as you go along biggrin So leave me a message <3<br />
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