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  • Artist Info: Hello people. My name's Jesse. And don't mistake me for a boy, because I'm a girl. I now attend high school. Mifgabriel is my best friend in gaia and in real life. We've known each other for almost 9 years! And we're still friends! Even though we go to different schools for the past 8 years (isn't that long?) Yes, and we always go to the mountains in winter as a tradition. We usually party together... well, most of them. We're very close.<br />
    Now let's talk about something else. I hate veggies... (like mif) I like taking things that people do not want if it is cool. I like watching Disney Channel! And I am half Filipino and Chinese, but mif is fully Filipino... I am really friendly so dont be afraid to talk to me!!! See ya. biggrin
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