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  • Artist Info: Yo!<br />
    -My name is Jamie <br />
    -And I think Gaia is pretty much amazing ^-^ <br />
    -Anime is my addiction <br />
    -I'm known as Majixe on youtube<br />
    -I'm Pagan (wiccan) and although i haven't been practicing very long, it highly interests me and i'm learning a little more each day. If you wanna talk about it, pm me or what not ^-^<br />
    -I don't need a reason to laugh<br />
    -I'm a dork, and i'm proud : D<br />
    -Stubborn isn't even the start of it<br />
    -but I usually don't bite, <br />
    -So leave me a comment if you'd like ^-^ <br />
    -or you could just stick around and stalk about my profile <br />
    <br />
    -The Favs-<br />
    books-<br />
    the Anita Blake series, Howls moving castle, Dead until dark, Eragon, the Mediator, the books of Tortall, Cirque Du Freak, and The Looking Glass Wars. <br />
    anime/manga-<br />
    Saiyuki, Ouran High School Host Club, Gurren Lagann, Fairy Tail, Elfen Lied, D. Gray-Man, Toradora!, Special A, Princess TuTu, Gravitation, Utawarerumono, full metal alchemist, DN Angel, avatar, Full Moon, Death Note, and Inuyasha.<br />
    Video games too- <br />
    I'm a die hard Legend of Zelda fan (OoT ftw), Final Fantasy games (9's my fav), Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Harvest moon (pretty much all of'em), and Skies of Arcadia (ya, i know its a dreamcast game and thus, most of you have probably never played it >.< wink <br />
    Fav Antagonists:<br />
    Kuja for sure i don't care how feminine he is, Sephi, Kefka, Darth Vador, Heller (lol) and most of Organization XIII.<br />
    <br />
    I love Role playing and am a fairly literate rp-er. If you're ever in need of an rper, let me know. ~<br />
    <br />
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