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  • Artist Info: hey~!<br />
    ok my name is to common (so i won't say it ^.^) so just call me mitsu or mitsuk<br />
    <br />
    some of my friends call me 'ed 'cas I'm short. (from FMA)<br />
    i can't spell so stuff like this takes for ever. i kinda got a little pix. crazy. so many cute pixs i cant choose just 1 or 2 . . .or 3. . . or 8 . . . or . . . 20! <br />
    I am a artist. so i draw all the time! XD<br />
    i have started writing 5 books & i love re-reading them. . . but i will never finish them & i make myself angry cus i want to know what happens next XD<br />
    i lave fan fics! AkuRoku (yes i L.O.V.E. love yaoi! heart you don't? to bad! XD) is my fav fan fic paring! thanks to kurosora1984 shes the bast.<br />
    <br />
    i now have a avi art shop so visit please<br />
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    <br />
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