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  • Artist Info: You cant read my pokerface.<br />
    if u wonder anything,just ask. <br />
    <br />
    ______________________<br />
    A: Cute <br />
    B: Loves People <br />
    C: Good Kisser <br />
    D: Makes people laugh. <br />
    E: Has eyes. <br />
    F: People wild and crazy adore you. <br />
    G: Very outgoing. <br />
    H: Easy to fall in love with. <br />
    I: Loves to laugh and smile. <br />
    J: Is really sweet. <br />
    K: Really silly. <br />
    L: Smile to die for. <br />
    M: Makes dating fun. <br />
    N: Can kick the s**t out of you. <br />
    O: Has one of the best personalities ever <br />
    P: Popular with all types of people. <br />
    Q: A hypocrite <br />
    R: Good boyfriend or girlfriend. <br />
    S: Cute <br />
    T: Very good kisser. <br />
    U: Is very sexual. <br />
    V: Not judgmental. <br />
    W: Very Brod minded. <br />
    X: Never let People tell u what to do. <br />
    Y: Is loved by everyone. <br />
    Z: Can be funny but dumb sometime
    <br />
    __________________________________<br />
    ~~<br />
    Old avi.<br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
    ~~<br />
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