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  • Artist Info: Hei. I'm 21 years old. <br />
    I live in Oppdal Norway. I'm originally from NJ, USA.<br />
    I love animals. Reptiles,Wolves,Owls,Foxes....alot. Ive owned many various animals over the years including anacondas,boa constrictors, pythons and crocs. <br />
    I like mythology. Nordic,Greek, Egyptian......any.<br />
    I love the outdoors. Another reason why I like Norway so much....lots of mountains and trees. I like reading. Mostly Fantasy. I like playing games like Lotro. I'm a geek I know. =p I have taken it a step further by getting a Lord of the rings tattoo on the back of my neck. <br />
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    this is me!<br />
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    me and my husband Lasse who I love very much.
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