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  • Artist Info: I’m standing in the rain; most of them would go insane. I’ve been through too much, and now there’s another problem, I do know as much but I still can’t solve them. My words can’t explain my pain, not even a tear from a broken heart that’s gone insane.<br />
    I’m still standing in the rain. I have no heart and I feel no pain. I can’t get rid of my thoughts I can’t sleep so I’m lost. I wear black, to show what I lack and have too much of. Like I have too much love?<br />
    This I know, that I won’t grow, and let the years make it fade like tears, cried yesterday. I’ve been messed up in every way. I feel like I can’t talk unless I’m told, and now I feel sold. All I want to do is sleep, but if I pray to God my soul will I keep? Or do I even have one? I just want to run. Run away, away from my pain. If I don’t stop soon I’m bound to go insane. My poem doesn’t tell a story, It almost tells my thoughts, It does tell what I’m feeling which I hoped it would not. Sorry I forgot you are a blank sheet of paper, blood dripping on you from a crooked razor. I’m using you, so you should give me a favor; let me write my grief and stress, maybe if I write it, my suffering will be less.<br />
    I’m still standing in the cold, dead of night, but just then there’s a shred of light that comes over me, a water droplet drips down my cheek, but not water from the sky, but water from me. My tears suffocate me as I look to the sun; I walk away then begin to run. The clouds slowly begin to drift away, as the rain disappears but will come another day. No more clouds, no more rain as I start to feel that my words are insane.<br />
    Name: Insane, poet’s pencil<br />
    <br />
    My name is...Rosie/Shay/Finicella/May/i cant remember what the other ones are....i like to wright/play music....i like to wright novels....poems....my age is less than nineteen....i have awsome friends....so yeah....uh....im a pretty good person...yes this poem you just read or didnt read at all is pretty sad and crap but what the hell im proud of it....have a nice day!! and talk to me if you want to
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