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  • Artist Info: ::My NaMe iS iNa::<br />
    ::i"m 14::<br />
    ::i"m tHiN::<br />
    ::i Am fRiEndLy::<br />
    ::i Am OuTgOiNg::<br />
    ::i LiVe iN CaNaDa::<br />
    ::i"m a FiLiPiNo::<br />
    ::i'M nOt PeRfEcT::<br />
    ::i"m a MuSiC LoVeR::<br />
    ::i LoVe MaKiNg NeW fRiEnDs::<br />
    <br />
    pLeAsE dOn'T jUdGe Me By My FaCe,<br />
    By My ReLiGiOn Or My RaCe.<br />
    pLeAsE DoN't LaUgH aT wHaT i WeAr,<br />
    oR hOw i LoOk oR dO mY hAiR.<br />
    pLeAsE LoOk A LiTtLe DeEpEr,<br />
    wAy DoWn DeEp InSiDe.<br />
    aNd aLtHoUgH YoU MaY Not seE it,<br />
    i HaVe a LoT To HiDe.<br />
    BeHiNd My cLoThEs ThE sEcREts LiE,<br />
    BeHINd My sMiLe, i SoFtLy cRy.<br />
    pLeAsE LoOk a LiTtLe DeEpEr,<br />
    aNd MaYbE yOu WiLL sEe.<br />
    thE LoNeLy GirL,<br />
    tHaT LeAvEs iNsIdE oF mE.<br />
    pLeAsE LiStEn CaReFuLLy To HeR,<br />
    sHe'LL shoW tHaT sHe Is InSeCuRe.<br />
    pLeAsE tRy To Be a FrIeNd To HeR ,<br />
    aNd SHoW HeR tHaT YoU CaRe.<br />
    pLeAsE jUsT gEt tO kNow HeR,<br />
    aNd MaYbE YoU WiLL SeE.<br />
    tHaT iF YoU JuSt LoOk DeEp EnOuGh,<br />
    YoU'LL FiNd ThE rEaL Me...(oO,)
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