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  • Artist Info: Well, I guess I've become an addict....Anime, manga, online rpgs, fanfiction....I'm addicted to them all......I'm 15, I play violin, flute (used to anyway), and self-taught piano. I'm a home school student and have two siblings that still live at home with me: an older sister and an older brother, who are currently enrolled in the community college (Daniel_Chang is my older brother, and Kyoudaichan is my older sister). All in all, I have five siblings and I'm the youngest. I live in a small nameless (to you) town in MN. <br />
    <br />
    Just in case you ever meet me in real life.....don't be shocked if you see me running and jumping around and acting like an idiot, cuz that's what I am...Also, if you happen to see random pieces of blank paper that aren't blank anymore, it's probably something I had to draw on.
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