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  • Artist Info: Hello everyone It is I, Razel-chan. <br />
    I'm 22...maybe I should think about retiring from Gaia XD <br />
    I'm female (>o< wink <br />
    I'm Straight ,and I like being single.<br />
    I like Anime <br />
    I love to play video games and drawing.<br />
    Spider-Man is my favorite superhero ( I have my reasons)<br />
    I'm a fellow Brony<br />
    I'm extremely shy...it sucks ...I'm a FlutterShy but with a side of Pinkie Pie. @.@ <br />
    I have an unhealthy love for Dolls o.o (Creepy or weird ones are my favorite) plus I have a small doll collection.<br />
    I tend to dress like a doll or in cute outfits(great guy repellant as well), XD<br />
    although it depends on my mood...sometimes I wear a t-shirt and jeans(IDGAF outfit).<br />
    My friends are like my family and I love them very much smile <br />
    I'm tall...must reach 6 foot she-woman ! <br />
    <br />
    My favorite colors combination is black, , green, and red/maroon color<br />
    Winter is my favorite season...I love my snow <3<br />
    I have a weird obsession with albinos. And have a dream of dating one *shifty eyes* <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    User Image <br />
    Avatar Art By Retro_Rage biggrin
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