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  • Artist Info: Welcome humans, vampires, elves, orcs, zurgs, etc. to my profile!! I'm glad you're taking the time to read this, even though I am going to ramble on about absolutly nothing of importance. Lol, anyway, I'm happy you're visiting, so please make yourself at home.(Though I'm not sure how at home you can be in a profile...^^; )<br />
    Now, a little bit about me...I LOVE to draw manga, as well as read it; actually - I love drawing in general...and painting. I'm attempting to teach myself Japanese...but I'm not getting very far with that...I'm able to read and write hiragana, though! And a little katakana as well.(FINALLY) I also love to sing...but I can't really write lyrics or make up tunes. sweatdrop I also love to write; in fact, I'm writing a book right now. biggrin It doesn't have a name yet, but I'm really excited about it and hope to get it published eventually.<br />
    I'll eat almost anything. ALMOST. You couldn't pay me a million dollars for me to eat a spider, or anything else with more than two legs.(Or four...I don't think there are any four-legged bugs) I'm not a big sea-food eater, either. Vegitable sushi's good, though.XD<br />
    I'm not currently looking for a guy to go out with...SORRY FELLAS! (And if you DO happen to ask me out, PLEASE have some sort of legitimate reason...O.o)<br />
    <br />
    Lets see...what do I look like? Well...I've been used synonomously with 'vampire' in Taboo. I used to love that comparison. Now I'm thinking of becoming a vampire hunter instead. Haha, just kidding.XD I originally had honey brown hair, but then I dyed it from red, to highlighted blonde, to black. Now I'm letting it grow out though, so we'll see how that goes. It's wavy, sometimes straight, and even a little curly at times. It also looks thicker than it actually is, which I suppose could be a good thing. I have really light skin that almost refuses to tan, and wheh I do tan, it's hardly noticable.=( (Hence the vampireness) I have light ocean-blue eyes with flecks of green and navy if you look hard enough. (Please don't stare to hard, I know I'm weird, but still...) I wear contacts, but they're uncolored. I'm average height and weight. Bascially, I look about average! Oh, goodie.<br />
    <br />
    On an ending note, I put up some pictures in the arenas and if you happen to like them, I'm more than happy to draw your avi. Have a nice day!
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