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  • Artist Info: Hi! My name is Ivory Rose...<br />
    <br />
    [ME]: <br />
    *all about friends and very protective of them<br />
    *LOVES HUGS<br />
    *will die for animals/wildlife/nature<br />
    *LOVES shoes/clothing<br />
    *LOVES singing<br />
    * okay at art (wildlife, still photos, and people (faces only)<br />
    *obsessed with laughter/smiling<br />
    *writes poetry and her own songs<br />
    *is frequently stepping out of the box of normality<br />
    *hates reality, loves imagination<br />
    *seriously blunt (when she wants to be, normally when she is angry)<br />
    *polite, not a pushover (only sometimes)<br />
    *high self-esteem<br />
    *tends to be a know-it-all<br />
    *sets extremely high standards for herself<br />
    *refuses to do drugs and get piercings/tattoos<br />
    *honest and truthful and trustworthy (unless I dislike you and have the urge to embarrass you)<br />
    *mentally demented<br />
    *a great debator<br />
    *manipulative<br />
    *adores her life<br />
    *is aggresive and angry (hard past life)<br />
    *is very opinionated<br />
    *thinks a lot<br />
    *is down-to-earth<br />
    *could care less about how people think of her<br />
    *is very athletic<br />
    *is overly sarcastic and dramatic<br />
    *enjoys thunder/lightening storms with lots of rain<br />
    *stares at the fire in our wood-burning stove (I'm a Pyromaniac, I love to play with fire)<br />
    *enjoys talking<br />
    *fav. colors are dark blue, emerald green, black, white, and silver (sometimes yellow and orange, more never than ever)<br />
    *is always loud/hyper<br />
    *enjoys reading<br />
    *has an unknown talent in photography<br />
    *would die without her music<br />
    *RANDOM-ness!!<br />
    *strives to find the end of the sidewalk<br />
    *determined to see rain falling up<br />
    *will attempt to try and put raindrops back into a cloud<br />
    *wants to blow against the wind<br />
    *dreams of shining brighter than the sun<br />
    *will stop at nothing until she experiences a none-gravitational world<br />
    *is and always will be, her own self<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Ivory ---{--@<br />
    [I am an individual- I am too original]
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