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  • Artist Info: Old enough to know better and<br />
    young enough to do it anyway. known as Glitter or Calamity take your pick. I'm friendly and I like anime and most forms of art. You can often find me in forums or in the alley. <br />
    I have been around gaia for quite some time.I cant really remember when I started although I know it was before I was 14. lol.<br />
    I'm a gamer so alot of the time if you do message me and I'm online but not replying its probably because I multitask and am often gaming on other sites as well.... <br />
    This is not my first account but it is my main and my very last. Feel free to shoot me a random p.m it always makes my day :3 Dont be shocked if I send you<br />
    a random request I am not shy by any means. : )
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