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  • Artist Info: ~Random Facts~<br />
    -love to bake cupcakes<br />
    -loves to dance and listen to music<br />
    -loves Paige and EmilY <br />
    -will drink orange juice with anything<br />
    -taking French class but do I have a choice?<br />
    "Bon Jour, Jem apelle Cupcake!" ^^<br />
    - <3's playing field hockey<br />
    - <3 the beach!! <br />
    -I don't have a myspace or facebook so don't ask me if I have one (:<br />
    - i love to be active and healthy .. I run <br />
    -I don't love school... with a passion (:<br />
    -fave colors? purple (violet), hot pink, yellow, and lime green<br />
    -have two Siamese cats (Wewt!!)<br />
    -obession with sour gummy worms ..? <br />
    <br />
    Pm me if you have any questions or you just feel like saying hello.<br />
    <br />
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