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  • Artist Info: Sitting upon the grassy slope, peering out into the distance one can only see as far as he can imagine. I used to tell my brothers that so long ago when we all walked together down the same road, sharing laughs, telling stories to one another, and living our lives to the fullest that we could possibly imagine. Lost in our own worlds, yet tied together by our bonds we stood as some of the most revered people in the history of our small world. <br />
    Though I cannot remember some of the finest of threads... The memory that we created, is burned deep into my soul and heart.... and I refuse to forget what we have all faced. We had been so close... To wander side by side, we would stand in this very spot looking down into the heart of the running valley below. This was our home...<br />
    I bet you are probably looking at me strangely and wondering what a kid like myself could be talking about...sitting up here on the mountain slopes staring off into space, rambling on about something I haven't even explained...<br />
    Just let me make myself clear on one thing. Some things aren't always meant to be explained, but show their true nature throughout time. Just as memories often linger, waiting for you to let them out, or otherwise fade off into the winds of change as we continue to learn and thus forget. <br />
    _/l、 <br />
    ゙(゚、 。 7 <br />
     l、゙ ~ヽ <br />
     じしf_, )ノ <br />
    場合は、雨の単語の中の緩やかなチャイムをもはや話されろ床に耳を傾けるか? またはuは、決まっていないが、夢の霧の中に消えることを好むと夢見たことは?
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