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    So yes. About me... i'm an interesting person, like for instance my Beautiful Qualities... I am very hyper. Like not, having sugar and bouncing off the walls hyper. like... 99% of the time hyper. Sometimes, to be honest i can't stop talking not for the life of me. I get flustered easily , embarrassed , and sometimes irritated. If I'm not on Gaia, which is 50% of the time... I'm probably either enjoying my life or on Facebook. *sigh* yes , I am a lover not a fighter but I do slap people... <br />
    The basics are that I am a 15 year old female who <br />
    at times acts like a gay man. yes. I do that. I live in my favorite place of all time, the prettiest state in America, Maine. I love it better than any other state in this whole world, its cold as hell in the winter, but beautiful in the Spring/Fall/Summer. But my favorite is the Spring. : D just a heads up, I don't date on Gaia, I like real life romances. <br />
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    If i do not accept your friend request on Gaia here might be the reasons... <br />
    <br />
    * I don't accept people who REALLY aren't my friends <br />
    * Who look like beggars. <br />
    <br />
    and that is it.
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