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  • Artist Info: hi! smile i'm beatriz i'm 13, i'm from setubal portugal, im a student and i like playing football heart i also like making friends and singing, i love animes especialy ranma1/2 heart its my favorite! i like music, and i listen to everything from metal to r&b... hip hop... i just dont like opera... i like going to school i sad hate sad having classes! they are sooooo boooring! i like going to school so i can be with my friends. i love gaia is a very fun game and i also like other online sites like puzzle pirates and habbo hotel (even if i dont play much). i am soo freacking heart loving heart japanese i hear and i "write" it all the time so i can get better smile my love for japanese began with the animes i watch, becase even if im portuguese i like hearing it on japanese and with english or spanish traduction. <br />
    i like playing football and i dont like wearing skirts but i dont like when people call me tomboy
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