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  • Artist Info: Long walks on the beach and whispering sweet nothings into each.......hahahahaha ok I couldn't continue that. <br />
    Me i like rock hopping climbing trees and playing in the dirt even though I should have out grown that years ago. And what i think of people...........YOU ARE ALL PLAY TOYS! Bwahahaha!<br />
    I am an inspiring graphic novelist. My stories are a little out there and if you are a conservative type of person they might scare you. Hell I'd make you have nightmares...... Bad Hari don't say that. <br />
    I am also studying to be a hair stylist! Woohoo! Who wnats me to give 'em a hair cut?<br />
    Favorite Animes:<br />
    Slayers<br />
    Hellsing<br />
    Ouran Host Club<br />
    Card Captor Sakura<br />
    Cowboy Bebop<br />
    Saiyuki<br />
    Naruto (Yes I like it so what?)<br />
    Detective Conan <br />
    Gurren Lagann<br />
    <br />
    Favorite Manga:<br />
    Wild Adapter<br />
    Saiyuki<br />
    Saiyuki Reload<br />
    Pet Shop of Horrors<br />
    Fruits Basket<br />
    OUran Host Club<br />
    Hellising (A lot funnier than the anime by the way)<br />
    Naruto (directly translated)<br />
    <br />
    Favorite Book:<br />
    Acheron<br />
    Fave color: Fuchsia<br />
    Food: Indian Food (it's really yummy^^)<br />
    Animal: fennis fox or snow leopard (can't decide)<br />
    Dislikes: MATH!!(arg!! numbers eew) seafood, new rap music (sorry but i don't usher could go and crwl into a hole for all i care -_-), salty things, long lectures, sitting still(can't do it).
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