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  • Artist Info: well hello my name is ashley yay and i am an mangaholic/animeholic and i have seriouse problem. anyway that was fun i like to belive i am semi mean nice person [even thought people bullie me alot (my freinds are so mean narf )] except when i am :<br />
    hunting orbs in a orb spill<br />
    dodge ball<br />
    soccer<br />
    random tag <br />
    runing from zombie invazion <br />
    for the last two things i will push you in front of the thing chaseing us to escape maybe not the zombie invasion maybe if i like you enough. my faveriote game ever is tag or manhunt even though nobody likes to play with me (booo) but it ok i'll just sleep off the rejection. butsometimes my freinds say yes and we end up going to the park and getting ice cream yay(but i always have to borrow money) my catch phase whould have to be "i'll pay you back eventually" yep how sad one day i"ll become a million air and pay them all off hopefully. hmmmmmmm......that really all that i ca say about myself i think.oh i really did't say what i am about hmmm.............. well my the food i like the most is a good ham sandwhich. yep just do don't know why<br />
    i like cute frogs and turttles, dogs and ferret/weasls. <br />
    sometimes i make really werid words or sounds up. <br />
    i like to creep my freinds out in my free time and that it you offical know some of me yay
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