• Moonlight Dreams

    Chapter One:

    Crown Cafe & Arcade. That was where Chiba Mamoru was sitting when he heard the scream. He wasn't quite sure if it came from the outside or inside, but it didn't matter. All he knew was that someone needed help, and being as he was a gentlemen; he looked about to see if he could help. But I'm getting ahead of myself, so let me start at the beginning.

    He had watched the five of them walk inside the cafe, find their favorite booth and sit down. Stirring his coffee, he noticed that she looked different today; that her usual hairstyle of buns and pigtails looked a little lopsided and she wasn't smiling. No, instead she was arguing with Hino Rei; the girl with hair the color of midnight that went down to her knees and amethyst eyes, the color purple that made you think of dark sunsets and pretty flowers. The others were right behind them, either not paying attention (because hey, they did this thing almost everyday) or shaking their heads. Mizuno Ami, the girl genius with deep blue hair that was cut short around her head and the same color eyes, sat down with her trig book and started reading; then again that was Ami for you. Always studying. The other two, Kino Makoto, dark brown hair up in its usual ponytail and bright green eyes smiling leaned over Aino Minako's shoulder, her long blond hair, about the same length as Rei's, held up in a red bow, while her light blue eyes scanned the pages, were looking at some kind of magazine; one he didn't even want to know the name of. And as usual, there were two cats with them, one black and one white; crescent moons upon their foreheads.

    Mamoru frowned at the sight of the cats, and was pretty sure there was some law about animals being in the cafe. However, he wasn't one to press issues so he went back to his coffee. Sighing loudly, he stared into the dark liquid. "Motoki, don't you think it's strange that you allow animals in the cafe?" he said as he looked up.

    "I suppose, but the girls seem to have them under control and they aren't hurting anyone. Besides, the cats aren't what you really wanted to talk about, is it?" Furuhata Motoki said, his sandy blond hair moving around his face, his green eyes smiling at him. He wiped the counter, the same counter he'd been wiping since Mamoru'd come in there. He was Mamoru's best friend, but more than that he was his family. He was part owner and full time worker at the Crown, which was what he preferred. "You haven't made fun of Usagi yet today."

    Tsukino Usagi, the girl that had Mamoru's attention, was the blunt of his jokes everyday. When he'd see her coming towards him, instead of saying something nice to her he'd make fun of her. Not that he wanted to, of course. He wanted to tell her that her hair looked like golden sunlight or that her eyes were the color of the oceans on a warm summer day.

    "Maybe I don't feel like it, alright," Mamoru answered in reply. He turned his back on his friend and continued to stare at the booth of girls. She's more beautiful than ever today. He turned back around to face Motoki, lifted his cup, put it to his lips, and found that his coffee had gone cold. Sighing, he sat the cup back down. "Don't you think Usagi looks like Sailor Moon? I mean, look at her hair. It's styled just like Sailor Moon's hair."

    Motoki raised his eyebrows, a look of surprise on his face. He looked over to the group of girls before turning his attention back to his friend. "I guess, but what does Sailor Moon have to do about anything, especially you and Usagi?"

    "I don't know," he said. "I still think its strange through, don't you?"

    "Yeah, but I'm not going over there to ask."

    "That's fine," Mamoru said as he stood up. He reached behind him to pull out his wallet, searched for a minute before producing some money and laying it on the counter. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay? I need to get out of here before I do end up saying something to her."

    "Alright, Mamoru. I'll see you later!" Motoki said, picking up the bills. He waved as his friend started for the door. That was when they heard the scream.

    Mamoru looked back at Motoki, a look of surprise on his face his cobalt eyes going wide. "Did you hear that?" he asked.

    Motoki nodded, then watched as the group of girls ran from the building. "And I guess they did too," he answered nodding his head in their direction.

    Mamoru watched as the girls ran out into the street, where no one except a girl laying on the ground unconsious and some kind of monster were. He walked outside, against his friend's better judgement and watched in horror as the girls stood up to this creature. "What the hell is that?!" he yelled, but no one heard him. He started running towards the girls, intent on getting them to safety when he heard the black cat talk. His tracks came to a dead stop.

    "Transform!" He heard the black cat call out, her little cinnamon colored eyes wide. The four girls nodded their heads before raising their hands up into the air, a pen with strange symbols on each of them in their hands. Then as Mamoru watched in awe, they called out:

    "Mercury Power, Make Up!"

    "Mars Power, Make Up!"

    "Jupiter Power, Make Up!"

    "Venus Power, Make Up!"

    A flash of light, so blinding that Mamoru had to cover his eyes; and when he uncovered them he saw the Sailor Senshi standing where the girls had been just minutes before. He was frozen to where he stood. He couldn't believe his eyes and his brain seemed to stop fuctuning too, because it just couldn't believe that the four girls he knew and teased were the same four Sailor Senshi who fought crime in Tokyo. He turned his head to see how Usagi was reacting to seeing her four best friends transform and was shocked by the sight he saw.

    Usagi stood behind them, the brooch that she usually wore on her school uniform in her hands above her head. She looked at the monster and yelled, "In about one minute, you'll gonna be moondusted!"

    "Transform, Odango!" Sailor Mars/Rei said just before she raised her hands together, the pointer fingers coming together in what looked like a gun and shouted "Fire Soul!" letting loose a volient wave of fire from her fingertips. It hit the monster, but as the fire disappeared it was clearly noted that it hadn't done any damage.

    Usagi nodded her head, her blond pigtails flying behind her in the wind. She raised the brooch higher into the air and called out:

    "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"

    Mamoru watched transfixed as white light and ribbons surrounded Usagi's body, her clothes melting away to revel a tight white body suit; the skirt reaching just to below her thighs in the deepest color of blue he's ever seen. A red bow covered her breasts and her brooch attached to it. Her hair held red circlets in her buns, a golden tiara adone her forehead, and a red choker sat around her neck, a little golden crescent moon on it. Sailor Moon, the heroine of justice and love stood in her place; and Mamoru had never been more confused than he was at that moment.

    "About time!" Mars yelled. She dodged an attack from the monster and rolled towards Venus. Venus stopped shooting her crescent beam at the thing to help Mars up, and that was when the monster took the advange and attacked them. The blast sent them flying into the nearest building, their bodies covered in blood and falling to the hard ground below.

    "Venus! Mars!" Jupiter/Makoto screamed out. She looked back to the creature they were fighting against, and growled. "I will not forgive you for hurting my friends. Jupiter Flower Hurricane!" she cried out as flowers of all kinds came flying from her hands. It blinded the monster for a minute, but it wasn't long enough. It blasted Jupiter, her long body flying throughout the air before landing several feet away from the fighting senshi.

    "Mercury, can you find any weaknesses?" Sailor Moon called out, her "Moon Taira Magic" hitting him again and again, and still leaving no damage.

    Mercury was busily typing away on her mini computer, trying her hardest to find the monster's weak point. But she couldn't find a single thing, no soft spots, no breakable parts of his body at all. "I can't find anything, Sailor Moon," she said as she lifted her head. Then her sapphire eyes went wide and she screamed out "WATCH OUT, SAILOR MOON!"

    But it was too late. The monster shoot out something that looked like needles at Sailor Moon. However, Mamoru never got the chance to see if she was hit or not, because just at the moment he blacked out.