• Chapter One:

    The light broke through the large window in her room. The light sparkled as it seeped through the silk curtains surrounding the four banister bed. Sleeping within the curtain, very peacefully, lay a young women, only 16 years old. Her long wavy white hair flowed down over her pillow. She lay as if nothing in the world could break her sleep.
    "PRINCESS JUSTINE!" Elizabeth called, "It's morning and you need to get up!"
    she walked walked up beside the bed and brushed back the curtains allowing more sun to flow upon Princess Justine. Elizabeth however was wide awake and setting out Justine's clothes. Elizabeth looked like an average young lady. Brown, flowing hair tied up in to one tight French braid. Justine opened one of her eyes,
    "What have I told you Beth? There is no need to call me Justine, Just will do fine."
    Just sat up and her white hair fell down over he shoulders. Beth laughed to herself and continued working. Just stood up and walked to the door leading to her balcony which over looked the ocean. She stepped through the door and stared out over the ocean. She then leaned against the railing and put her head in her hands. she sighed, "Beth, you know i can do all of that myself. We're best friends and to wait over me like this every morning is not needed and i persist that you don't."
    Beth walked to Just then replied, "Oh I know, it is just that i am so used to doing it, i can't stop."
    there was a pause and then both girls started laughing and linked arms, then headed back into Just's room.

    Just sighed as she started putting on her dress. She looked to Beth, So what is my itinerary today calling for?" she asked. Beth has been making Just's bed as she did every morning, "It looks like your day is pretty slow, there isn't anything interesting coming up. You have a few opening ceremonies to attend to." Something about they way that Beth had spoken gave a hint to Just.
    "There is something else isn't there?" Just asked with enthusiasm. Beth looked to Just and replied, " I am not at liberty to discuss this matter. I have sworn to secrecy by a certain someone." With that Beth went back to her work. Just knew that she shouldn't fight with Beth because she would lose in the end. When Just was ready, her and Beth left Just's room to head to the dining room. On the way they passed Just's brother's room, Prince Pat. Pat seemed to be throwing a fit. Beth and Just entered into Pat's room to see to see Beth's brother, Julien, trying to get Pat out of bed.
    "Get up Patrick! Get up NOW!" Julien was almost screaming at the young Prince, "If you don't get up now, your father will be angry with me!" Julien hadn't noticed noticed Just or Beth walk in, "Well," Just said, "Looks like you have this under control." Just giggled too. Julien looked up to Just, he blushed a little, "Oh good morning Princess, and I do not have control, Pat will not get up." Julien was also panting slightly from trying to get Pat up. Just smiled and walk over to Pat, she leaned down and said, "Patrick, you need to get up t his instant, do not argue." She had spoken in a gentle tone yet very authoritative. Prince Pat looked to his sister and replied, "Okay, I'll get up." And with that Pat threw back his bed covers and got up. Just walked past Julien and while leaving said, "That was so hard." With a hint of sarcasm. Julien didn't say anything. Just crossed to Beth and left Pat and Julien and headed once again downstairs.

    When they reached the kitchen area, they turned and went in and almost instantaneously every stopped working and bowed to the Princess. Princess Just blushed then said, "It is alright everyone. Go back to work, don't stop on my account." It was as if a weight was lifted and everyone went back to preparing food. Beth laughed and Just did also. They continued through the kitchens to find the head chef. He was working away busily, "Good morning Lucas," Just said cheerfully, "How are things this morning?" She smiled at him. The chef looked up and smiled at her, he replied, "Good morning Princess, everything this morning is fine. You should really get to the dining room, We're almost done." Just smiled and continued to the dining room.

    When Just and Beth entered the dining room, Just's father and mother were there. King Jacob IV and Queen Ruth. "Good morning daddy!" Just said and gave him a hug. "Good morning Justine." King Jacob replied and returned the hug. They really loved each other a lot. Father and Daughter. Seeming to get beside Just and King Jacob without anyone noticing was Queen Ruth. "Good morning daughter." Queen Ruth said. She didn't so much emotion in her face. The Queen then just continued on to her seat. Just was used to that, she always seemed distant from her mother no matter what happened. Just looked back to her father and smiled. She hugged him again and took her seat.

    Breakfast went by swiftly and quietly without much discussion. When they were dismissed Just left and met the awaiting Beth in the hallway. They linked arms and started heading back to Just's room. "There is a surprise waiting for you in your room." Beth said, smiling. Just stopped walking and turned to Beth, "Oh really!? What is it!? Tell me please!" Just begged. "You have to wait and see." Beth replied and continued walking. Just grunted and followed Beth still begging about what it was. Beth stayed firm and did not tell her. When they got to the room and opened the door to Just's room, Just screamed in happiness. Standing in her room was a young lady in a nice red dress with plumage, a nice red corsette on, a fair face and stylish short blond hair. It was Just's long time friend, Lady Alexandra Habielle. Just ran to her friend and hugged her. "I didn't know you were coming Alex! I'm so happy to see you!" Just said excitedly. Alex laughed and said, "That was the plan, you were not allowed to know. I am happy to see you also." The girls laughed. Alex then said suddenly, " Oh and it was I who swore Beth to secrecy." Just then turned to her head to Beth and stuck her tongue out at her. Beth started laughing and Just and Alex did also. It was a very happy moment. It had been a while since Just and Alex had seen each other.

    The girls made their way down to the courtyard garden with lots of vines and flowers around every where. A gardener was weeding a patch. "Good morning Henry." Just said as they passed. The gardener nodded and continued on with his work. Just, Alex and Beth made their way to an overly large marble fountain in the middle of everything. The fountain went up into a statue of a unicorn with the family crest on it and water coming out of the horn and flowing down at the edge of the fountain. Just smiled and said, "It is so nice to see you, it really is, but what brings you all this way?" Alex looked to Just and replied, "Oh. Well Damian had business here in town and i decided to just come on down and visit for the day with him." Just smiled and laughed a little. Damian was Alex's brother, Lord Damian Habielle. Damian was a tall man, has blond hair like his sister and were it short. As well he usually wears an elegant red overcoat. Alex and Just discussed over everything that had happened since their last meeting each other. Alex's last visit was over 4 months ago. Beth had left Just and Alex because she had to go do some errands. "How's Pat?" Alex asked Just. Just replied, "He is doing wonderful," Pat entered the courtyard, "and speak of the devil. He is going to be happy to see you." Pat saw Alex and smiled, happy to see her and he hugged her. "ALEX!" he said excitedly. Alex laughed and replied, "PAT! How have you been doing little guy?" Pat paused and thought, He then said, "I have been good, nothing to report on. Though Julien seems a little irritated with me." Then Just started laughing, "Maybe if you listened to him to him he wouldn't have to be irritated with you!" she told him. Julien then entered the courtyard and came over to get Pat, "Hello again Princess. Pat please come with me now, you need to get a haircut." Julien was stern. Pat looked to Julien and nodded t hen left with him. Alex and Just laughed a little. Alex then got up and crossed over to a little pond with some orchids floating in it. She took a pretty pink one and plucked it. Just watched, "What is that for?" she asked. Alex looked back to Just, "Delightful orchid. It is for Louis, you better remember Louis!" Alex stated. "Of course i do, such a lovely baby. That will defiantly make his day." Just replied and walked over to Alex.

    Just and Alex walked around for most of the day talking about various things. Just's appointments had all been canceled. Beth had rejoined them. The group had made it down to the beach right behind the castle. Just was standing ankle deep in the water holding up the bottom of her dress. Alex was sitting on a chair with her feet buried in the sand. Beth was sitting on a big rock. Just looked out over the ocean, the sun was starting to set. She took in a deep breath and smelt the saltwater then sighed and said, "The day is almost over, when do you have to leave Alex?" Just asked. None of the girls had been paying attention and a voice spoke out, "Once i came for her." Just t urned and saw Alex's brother Damian. Just ran and hugged him, "Nice to see you." She said. Damian laughed. Alex arose and put on her shoes, "Well it looks like now." She said to just and hugged her. They all said their goodbyes and then it was just Beth and Just sitting on the beach. "Notice how i skipped all my activities today?" Just asked sitting next to Beth. Beth looked to Just and replied, "Yeah, i can guarantee you mother and father might not be happy about that." Just shrugged and looked out over the ocean again to the sunset. Suddenly she gasped and Beth looked to the ocean to. They could see it.