• So, everything is boring. I have two extra adults staying with us plus a two year old and a three year old! They both want my attention, Tracy (the 2 year old) and Alexander (the three year old) are fighting, Carrisa and Darien are fighting, Marry (Tracy's mom, my cousin) is out, my mom is studying, my dad is at work, and Natasha (Alex's mom, my mom's friend) is visiting with her sister, and I am getting ready to leave.
    "Bye mom, I'm going to choir! I'll be back at seven!" and with that I left, Alex and Tracy screaming my name. Alex and Natasha are leaving in two days, and I'll miss them. It was all very fun 'till Marry and Tracy got here. They are going to live with me 'till Marry can get a job and apartment.
    I get bored easy, and I drift into daydream fast so to prevent that I sing, "Pack up all my care and woe, here I go, sing in low, Bye~ Bye~ Blackbird", that went on all the way to my choir building, so boring.


    Choir ended at eight tonight, so I am going to be in some deep trouble! Choir was normal, the last one this summer, but still normal. We sang, had a break, sang, talked, sang some more, and I was going to pummel Miss. Slut, Amber. God she rakes my nerves!
    I look up at the sky, "Oh, it’s getting late; I should take a short cut..." I went on, not talking to anyone in particular, and not really caring what comes out. I start on my way home and turn down an alleyway, hoping not to get mugged. I live in a nice town, but there will always be thugs and wannabes.
    I pull my cream colored jacket closer to me, "It's getting chilly out", I mumbled. My long brown hair is flickering in my loose pony as it dances with the wind. I was getting near the end and out of no where; I get pounced on and held back by my own arms, what a traitor!
    A boy, maybe a year older than me, came out of the shadows, looking totally uninterested! He doesn't seem to care that his friends are attacking a girl! I swear if I survive this I am never taking a short cut EVER again!
    The guy that had arrived from the shadows looked at me and winked. He winked! Either he is telling me he is nice or he is telling me that he has gross plans for me. Either way, I wanted out NOW! The guy walked into the moonlight were I was so his minions and I could see him. I'm sorry to say it but he is kind of hot! His ebony black hair reflected the moonlight as his ocean blue eyes catch it. His clothes were decent, meaning not all baggy and his pants didn't ride down as low as most do. Soon enough our eyes met and I could see his eyes sparkle with mischief and secrets.
    "Why don't you leave her here with me, guys? You earned a break; I'll patrol the area for a while. But first to deal with her..." He cut off mysteriously while circling me and looking me over. "Yup, she's mine!" He concluded. The guys holing me let go and the 'top dog' grasped my wrist. As soon as the other guys got confrontation that I wouldn't get away they cleared out. After they were gone he let go and looked at me.
    "What the hell were you thinking?!" He yelled at me. His eyes turned from secretes to anger within seconds. "Those boys would have raped you if I hadn't have been wandering! You’re in luck, this time. What in hell's good name were you thinking? Wandering around in alleyway after dark is NOT the smartest thing to be doing!" He said as he motioned me away.
    I slitted my eyes about to yell at him when he said calmly, "There is no time for your excuses, you have to leave! Go, get going!" He said while giving me a push. I gave him a grateful and untrusting look, the booked-it. I made my way down the alleyway running, but not with fright. I was an hour and a half late getting home and I would be in deep trouble.
    I ran down my street, heading home when I stop. I look up at the sky to see it is an overcast night. There is only one break in the clouds were one star stands alone. I walk the rest of the way home and stop at my front door. I look across the rode and see the elementary school I used to go to. Well, good bye grade seven, hello grade eight! I dig out my key and enter, my mom and dad waiting up for me.