• Bitterness lies within all of us. We all have different reasons to hate the certain people and problems faced with every life. Nobody lives without the feeling of hate. One man, however, lets his bitterness get in the way of every emotion, and he feels no care towards anybody or anything but himself. He feels no sympathy whatsoever towards others, his name is Kein
    Such a bitterness, however, could not exist on this Earth without consequences, for Kein was cursed with a talisman implanted in his chest of an eye. As he battled demons and various monsters, anger would build up inside him, turning him to a demon. When he became full demon, he would lose control of all his actions, he would destroy everything around him, human and demon. This, of course, did not matter to Kein. He did not care if the humans died, as long as his enemies had been defeated as well.
    So what was the reason he did not wish to be demon if he did not care if he killed? Nobody really knows. Then again, nobody ever really talks to him, and he doesn't usually talk back, either.
    He is usually seen in the old Battleground of Shadows, as though waiting for somebody, or something...

    He is again spotted there today. He doesn't talk very loud but at a certain distance you can almost read his very lips.
    "Today is a particular day... I will defeat him"
    It was a particular day indeed. The redness of the sky at this certain sunset was much more vibrant, deep and bright. This sunset comes vary rarely and is a sign of danger, the Bloodshed Sunset. Everybody ran inside to their cabins, in fear. Kein, however, was still at the Battleground of Shadows, waiting.... his sword ready in his hand, and he was ever so cautious.
    Suddenly, the sky grew darker, Kein felt a little drop of sweat from the side of his head, running down to his cheek. Suddenly, a demon appeared out of the ground, in front of Kein, ready to attack. Kein swiftly countered the demon, he was quick with attacks though he had a giant sword. Many, many more demons appeared out of the ground, Kein attacking and countering each one. Suddenly, as more demons appeared, a person appeared out of the ground at the other side of the Battleground, staring at Kein. It was Agor. Agor was an officer of Gathigas, who was Keins worst enemy. He was a Rank 6 officer, the lowest level, but would still be tough. Kein smiled anxiously, running past demons and towards Agor.
    He slowly said as he war running to Agor,

    "The battle, is about to begin..."